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ADD : Huangzhou road No.47-4,westgate,huangyan,zhejiang
TEL : 86-576-89181666-908
FAX : 86-576-89181669
E-mail : yongningmould@163.com
Yongning Plastic Mould

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Zhejiang Huangyan Yongning Plastic Mould Co.,Ltd
*Name: *Contact Person : *Tel:
Customer From: *Address: *E-Mail:
*Project Name :
Item Name : Interior Exterior Brace Angle Auxiliary Fittings
Out Size Of Product :Long   Wide   High     Product Shape :Square Circle Special
Inner Size Of Product :Long   Wide   Hign     Product Shape :Square Circle Special
plastic Material : Color: weight: Purity:

Plastic Product Surface : Smooth Abrease Vertical or Concentric: Precision Grade :
Slab: Symmetrical ofGlaze: Cupping:
Sprue Position :
No. of Loose Core: arca of Outside : Method of Loose Core:
Cavity Material : Core Material : Slide:
Standard Parts : Brand: (Mould Base):
Assis: Hot Runner No. : Brand(Factory)Use
Gas Assisted Use No Use
Highlight Mould :Electric Heat Steam
Cooling System :Simple Gullet Attemperator Gullet
Water Nozzle:Fe Cu Plastic Quick Fitting
Ioose Core Reset :Machine Guide Hydro-Cylinder Stroke


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